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" you're a real hit. Everyone loves your service, coveralls are clean and fit perfect. They always have clean ones on hand when they need it. "

Client since 2010

When it comes to those messy jobs, we have you covered!

We offer many styles and colours to suit any hard working Company, with Silvco everything is included from set-up to your Company logo. Most of our competitors will charge you a set-up fee and tracking fee to who knows what else. At Silvco no up front charges just strait honest pricing.

All garments are tracked from our Plant to your operation and back, giving you the assurance that your items will return on our next visit. Seamstress services are included for all minor adjustments, something our competitors don't offer.

Discover the difference with Silvco.

Your choice of colours for blended Coveralls

Shop Wipes

a must for most shops

Colour choices for 100% cotton Coveralls

Shop Coats

Company Patches included

variety of colours to choose from

Additional Items for the Repair Industries

professional Seamstress at your service

Fender covers, protect your Customer's investment

Seat Cover, yep we have those too

Check out our value added services

Click a pic!

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