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Dust Mops & Wet Mops


604-464-2090 or toll free 1-866-745-8261

We chose Silvco because you were local and the best value!



Colour coded sizes, easy to teach your staff which is right for the job!

Dust Mops help keep your floors free of dust and dirt between cleanings. Larger areas requires a size to do the job fast and efficient, choose from as small as 24" all the way to double 48". Our services include all the hardware needed, and a fresh Dust Mop Head either weekly or bi-weekly, your choice.

Wet Mops, are just that! We include the hardware and if it ever breaks we replace it free of charge, now thats a deal! Clean and fresh new head weekly or bi-weekly, offered in two sizes to fit your needs. A better value than purchasing, stop spreading around grease and dirt. Is your mop brown? Time for a rental Mop!

Supplied, cleaned and maintained! What more could you ask for.

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