Laundry washing has been around for more than 6000 years, to continue to clean far into the future, we must preserve the natural resourses we use in the cleaning process today. At Silvco we maximize every load we wash, including the use of automatic timed detergent dispensers, which dispenses just the right amount of eco-friendly detergents needed for each load. We merely heat the water we will use daily, through the use of timers and auto shut-off valves.
We have made great strides in the reduction of our carbon footprint over the years, by investing in new equipment that has helped us reduce our use of natural gas consumption by 30%. By implementing new production techniques we have reduced our use of plastic by 15%.
at Silvco we are introducing recycled Napkins, which are made from water bottiles. We are in the process of recycling our old rental mats into road fill for asphalt, to make better, longer lasting roads.

Our goal is to continue the search for new and innovative ways of furthering sustainability.


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